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3D can be used to create photo-realistic environments and people allowing you to depict any location, objects or scenery. Models can even be created of real people and real places. Bound can produce the highest quality renderings of any object or people required.

The use of 3D can be a highly effective replacement for using real locations and objects and can create the opportunity for highly unique ‘POV’ camera views and product detail reveals.


Gorgeous 3D Modeled Environments


When you need to create a unique and unforgettable experience, the only type of presentation that can create immersion, retention and powerful impact for an over-mediated audience is Virtual Reality.

Bound is committed to creating unique visual experiences that transport you to new places and transform a virtual world into a real encounter. We produce video or 3D immersive environments and then program interactive Virtual Reality applications where a user can experience and interact in endless ways. Applications range from original creative to marketing, advertising, training, simulations and product demonstration.

Our applications can be location-based installations or mobile apps and we provide end-to-end solutions and support to insure your experience gets the results you are looking for.


Breathtaking 360 Degree Full-Motion Video


We utilize our own VR 360º video rig and HD camera equipment for recording video on location, in the air or mounted to a moving vehicle. We can capture any location for any application.

When you want to share the most immersive and engaging experience with anyone, anywhere, you can achieve it now with this HD video technology. With over 1 million VR headsets out there (Google, Oculus, Samsung and more) your audience can experience a virtual visit, ride or interactive experience that allows them to ‘Be There Now™’ with high quality 360º video and sound.

360º videos allow virtual visits of real locations or immersive presentations of recorded events or even live shows. When you want to create a ‘telepresence’ or just the most impactful video available, 360º video is your best choice and Bound is your best studio.

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